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Announcement of Online IOSTE 2020 Conference

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IOSTE 2020 Online Conference - Announcement!


Dates of Conference: February 1-5, 2021


IOSTE members only. 

Participants need to be logged in to access the Online Conference with ID and PW after payment of registration fee. 

Log in to access conference materials. 

The program will include links to pre-recorded video clips of keynote and paper presentations, paper and poster abstracts, and zoom links to real-time interactive Q&A sessions.



Dear IOSTE members and prospective participants of IOSTE 2020,




With the ongoing uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID 19,

the IOSTE Board has finally decided to organise an online conference.


Details of the Online Conference for participants, presenters, posters, and presiders will be available shortly.


Planning is under way to run an online conference. Presenters who have already submitted abstracts will be under process for acceptance and able to present at the online conference.


More details will be coming soon.


Many thanks to all of IOSTE members, colleagues, and prospective participants who have waited patiently for the announcement.



Call for Papers is open.


Call for Abstracts Close: November 15, 2020

Notification to Presenters: December 15, 2020


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