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the IOSTE 2020 Online Conference is now started

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Dear IOSTE 2020 Participants

We are very pleased to announce that the IOSTE 2020 Online Conference is now

In order to support effective communication among the IOSTE 2020 participants
over the conference dates, we are launching the IOSTE 2020 conference website, You are able to not only read and watch
Keynote speeches, Oral presentation, Poster presentations, and Symposium
materials from the website, but also leave questions and comments under the
presentations. In addition, the website provides Zoom links for the real time
sessions and so you can easily attend sessions. The website works better in
Chrome or Microsoft Edge. We encourage you to carefully read the guidelines
included in the IOSTE 2020 program book, and to participate in the virtual
conference as much as you can. We believe that the IOSTE 2020 conference
website will be an active space where the participants effectively communicate
each other.

From February 1-3, please visit the website and enjoy interesting academic
works presented by scholars and researchers from different countries. Then, on
February 4-5, let’s meet in the real time sessions from the opening to
closing ceremony via Zoom and Youtube.

Under the COVID 19 situation, we are trying out a new platform for the IOSTE
2020 conference. We hope that all the IOSTE 2020 participants stay safe and
enjoy the virtual conference!!

IOSTE 2020 Conference Organizers





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